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Hailey Simon EDCI461 – Dr. Codling November 10, 2009 Gambrell (1996) Creating life-long readers is a process that is not exact or simple by any means. While some children are born with a natural love for reading and the natural ability to do it well, others struggle to find it enjoyable and uncomplicated. This is a problem many teachers will face with elementary school students. In the article the author mentions the four main characteristics of an engaged reader: motivated, knowledgeable, strategic, and socially interactive. Some of these characteristics need support and focus from the teacher differing for each individual student. Specifically, a main characteristic that caught my attention the most was the motivational factor. Students need to be encouraged and inspired by interesting topics, multiple opportunities, the desire to learn new information, and self-confidence. These
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Unformatted text preview: characteristics are interrelated in that if students feel that they are knowledgeable and skilled they may find the greater entertainment in reading as opposed to those who struggle and fear reading. In my own educational experience, I never truly found a love for reading. I don’t think I ever found myself truly motivated by reading, and for that reason never put in as much effort. I still read occasionally for entertainment but I am not as enthused by it as I wish I were. I thought the Running Start program seemed like a great idea for motivating students and providing them with the opportunity to gain more skill in reading. If students are given a lot of support and encouragement from the beginning we can improve their skills and strengthen their love for reading....
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