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Reading14 - Miss Mabel’s Table I especially like those...

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Hailey Simon EDCI461 – Dr. Codling November 23, 2009 Saccardi (1996) This article brought up a lot of great and interesting ideas for reading lessons in order to get the students excited about reading and writing. It is really important that when trying to teach reading you choose books that will engage the students and allow them to interact. Additionally, there are many great activities to go along with “predictable” books. Cumulative texts are fun for the students because they get to make their own creative inferences about what is going to occur next in the story. Even further I like the idea that they can match descriptions, discover a sequence of events, rhyme words, and apply similar events to their own lives etc. to ensure their understanding of the reading. I really like the ideas used for the book,
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Unformatted text preview: Miss Mabel’s Table. I especially like those that invite children to apply similar events to their own lives because it enforces creativity. Drama texts are another great type of “predictable” book because again the students are totally involved in the reading instruction. They can act out different roles in the story and create their own similar story line using different objects, etc. Finally one of the most important types of reading instruction is using “predictable” books that lead to writing activities. It is important to have students write a variety of prompts whether they are creative or apply directly to the story. This helps a teacher assess the students’ understanding of the reading and what they have gained from the story....
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