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reading15 - to do so I especially liked the idea described...

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Hailey Simon EDCI461 – Dr. Codling November 30, 2009 This was definitely my favorite article I’ve read so far. I think the idea of a literacy walk is great for motivating students and getting them excited about both reading and writing. This article was very beneficial in clearing up the difference that there is when instructing and guiding students in their reading/writing. It is not going to stimulate and excite students by quizzing them to find out what they know and making them feel pressured to give explicit answers. This idea holds true in all aspects of teaching. It is important to feed off of their interests and excitement; let them explore on their own and give feedback. Students are much more likely to be motivated in learning and participating when they can relate to and understand the concepts without feeling forced
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Unformatted text preview: to do so. I especially liked the idea described in the second walk where the students take pictures during the walk and write about them in class. This is great for getting the students to write about themselves and what they know and recognize about their community, etc. It is also a great idea for them to share with one another in order to spark new interests and ideas. I think that this type of activity should be done once every week if possible. It doesn’t necessarily need to take up so much of their school time; but with consent from their parents/guardians they should spend 15-20 minutes once a week taking a walk around the neighborhood and discussing what they see. They should then proceed to go home and write about what the picture makes them think of, or what they saw on the walk that day....
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