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Hailey Simon EDCI461 – Dr. Codling December 2, 2009 Group learning/reading in the classroom is something that I have always inquired and wondered about. With experience it becomes easy to develop grouping strategies at the right times and for the right lessons. However, there are many decisions for the teacher to make when it comes to how they will pair, group, or assign the students to complete a reading assignment. I think the most important factor in this decision is, “will the students be able to gain control of their learning and make significant connections to their own lives in order to motivate themselves further?” One of the most important things about creating a comfortable classroom community is having the students bring their own distinctive qualities and contributions
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Unformatted text preview: to the classroom. It is important for them to share with one another and try to relate to each other’s lives. This being said, I think it is important to try to get all types of students to work together. Strong readers should mix with the weaker readers and students of various backgrounds and genders, etc. should work together at some point. Additionally, I think a great idea would be to create book buddies with kids in a younger grade where they can share books with one another and read. This was always one of my favorite reading activities in elementary school because I felt a sense of control and comfort in my reading instruction....
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