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Reading2 - how reading centers can work In a 1 st grade...

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Hailey Simon Dr. Codling - EDCI 461 September 6, 2009 Using Centers to engage children during guided reading time: Intensifying learning experiences away from the teacher by Ford and Opitz When it comes to guiding your students to become stronger readers, it is difficult to say what the best approach may be. Because all students learn best using a variety of techniques, it is important for teachers to vary their learning activities and lesson plans. One of the most efficient ways to accommodate your students is centers. Reading centers seem to be efficient because students are given an appropriate amount of guided reading time with the teacher as well as independent activities where they can practice this skill on their own or with the help of some of their peers. While working in the classroom in EDCI 280, I was able to experience firsthand
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Unformatted text preview: how reading centers can work. In a 1 st grade classroom, the teacher usually began the day by reading a story out loud, followed by a worksheet. The students then began “centers” where groups of students were assigned to different areas of the room for reading with the teacher, completing their worksheet, free reading on the rug, writing, computers, or listening. After about 15-20 minutes the teacher would ring a bell and the students moved to their next “center” area. In addition, students would create their own “word wall” (list of words), which would teach them new words as they came across them. When it comes to centers, it is really important to establish a routine for the students to get used to. Hopefully through some meaningful literacy activities they can draw their own conclusions and make significant progress....
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