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Reading6 - students who excel in reading need to be...

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Hailey Simon EDCI 461 – Dr. Codling September 30, 2009 Rog & Burton (2001/2002) Although I’ve definitely been exposed to a reading level system both in my own education and through observation later on, this article brought many new ideas to my attention. By evaluating the students’ reading level it can really help teachers decide what books are most fitting for each student and therefore put them on a steady path for future progress in reading skill. This is important because we want to keep all of our students stimulated and motivated to want to read more. It is very discouraging for students who struggle in reading, to constantly be frustrated by books that are far too difficult for their capability. They will begin to dislike reading and put little effort into it. Additionally,
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Unformatted text preview: students who excel in reading need to be challenged by harder level books. The leveled books are assessed on varying criteria including: vocabulary, print, predictability, illustrations, content and concepts. This is a much more beneficial way to assess books, rather than just using numerical readability formulas. Because every book varies so greatly it is hard to decipher an exact formula for ALL books. Some books may look easy by appearance, but might actually contain difficult or confusing words and topics. It is important for teachers to constantly evaluate and reassess students’ progress so they can help them make the right decisions concerning their reading abilities....
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