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Hailey Simon EDCI461 – Dr. Codling September 28, 2009 Brabham and Villaume (2002) This article discussed a lot of potential pros and cons that come with using leveled text in your classroom. Leveled text assists teachers in choosing appropriate reading materials for their student’s individual skill level. With leveled text, teachers are able to informally assess the progress of each student based on their reading level. For students who are struggling, this type of reading instruction can be beneficial because they are given the chance to read comfortably without too much disappointment. Additionally, leveled text is helpful for students who excel in reading so that they are constantly being
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Unformatted text preview: challenged and motivated by new levels of reading. Some areas of concern with using leveled text as a primary source for reading instruction are the distraction it causes along with improper development of reading skill. Using text levels can cause teachers to sometimes forget the importance of guided reading including: comprehension, word development, and meaning. We become so focused on the growth our students have made in leveled text and pay little attention to the types of literature they are motivated by and enjoy reading. As we previously discussed, reading instruction isn’t all about acquiring the skill, it’s about finding your enjoyment in reading as well....
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