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Hailey Simon EDCI461 - Dr. Codling September 2, 2009 Motivating Kids to Read by Linda Gambrell I was very inspired by this article regarding the motivational aspects of getting your students to read and love doing so. With any topic in school it is important that students are motivated and excited about what they are learning so they can really benefit and take important concepts with them. More than any other topic or curriculum learned throughout your education, reading is the most important and useful skill to acquire. It isn’t only necessary for completing required work in school, but it is also used on an everyday basis for reading signs, directions, labels, etc. Free reading is essential for children because it provides endless opportunity and creative thinking. Additionally, it
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Unformatted text preview: will lead to further success in whatever subjects or hobbies the child is interested in. The reading also gave some great tips for how to get your students to enjoy reading and not think of it as a challenging task. Whenever I was assigned reading material throughout my education, it was required text that I didn’t seem to enjoy nearly as much. However, when I had the chance to do some free reading and responses I found that I really enjoyed those books. While I was never an avid reader, I enjoy certain genres and authors more than others. More than anything, it is really important to give your students choices when it comes to reading. They need to find their own enjoyment in it and learn at their own individual pace....
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