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reading7 - vocabulary A way to ensure understanding would...

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Hailey Simon EDCI461 – Dr. Codling October 5, 2009 Vardell et. al (2006) This article was very informative in providing suggestions for how teachers and librarians can assist English learners with language development and comprehension. As we have been discussing in class, it is very difficult for teachers to match appropriate text with each individual student in their skill level. For English learners this can be even more difficult because their knowledge or ability to learn English depends on multiple factors. Some of the ideas discussed in the article include the important elements we should look for in order for a book to be appropriate for an English learner. The story or content discussed within the text is very essential to comprehension and vocabulary because it is helpful for the student to recognize a topic that is already familiar to them. In addition to this, it is beneficial to use reading texts that are supported with repeating
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Unformatted text preview: vocabulary. A way to ensure understanding would be to use a “stairstep approach” by addressing a similar topic at different reading levels (Vardell et. al 2006). I think this is a great method to use in teaching because for all English learners this is beneficial in allowing a student to take time to comprehend a topic and the important terms that go along with it. By reinforcing material, students will have a better chance to interpret meaning and practice their reading skills. Another very important concept discussed in the article was the visuals of English literature. Illustrations can be very advantageous for students so that they can make sense of the words associated with a picture. This doesn’t necessarily mean that every book will be a simple picture story with little information or content. There are many books that include more complex topics with pictures and illustrations as well....
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reading7 - vocabulary A way to ensure understanding would...

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