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Hailey Simon EDCI461 – Dr. Codling October 14, 2009 Rupley et al. (1998/1999) Vocabulary instruction is a very complex learning process that is ongoing. Similar to other learning criteria, it is only useful when put into application. It is ineffective for teachers to give students a sheet of weekly vocabulary words and have them define each word. Students need to understand the meaning of vocabulary words in varying contexts. In addition the more they know, the easier it is for them to develop better comprehension skills and interpret new words later on. Students don’t become dictionaries over night. Learning new vocabulary words is a never-ending process that is usually most efficient when it comes from experience and context. I especially liked some of the ideas in the article such as having students create
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Unformatted text preview: word webs/maps, and concept wheels. I also liked the idea of discussing the meaning of vocabulary words with the class, such as asking for other words that can be used in place of that word. In my own educational experiences I was never an avid reader. My teachers always stuck with a traditional approach and handed out weekly vocabulary sheets for us to learn each week. When it came time for the SAT’s and other standardized testing I wasn’t very good at reading comprehension and there were a lot of new words I had to memorize that I had never seen before. This was always a problem for me later on. Vocabulary instruction is a very integral part of students’ education and it is important that teachers set aside a substantial amount of time toward this learning area....
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