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Hailey Simon EDCI461 – Dr. Codling October 7, 2009 Stimulating your students to love the act of reading is important above all else. In this article, the authors discussed how multicultural content reading could be very beneficial in supporting English learners as well as motivating for them. These types of books are useful because they inspire English learners when they are able to connect with the story. In addition, they will help students in comprehending and making sense of the material. Culturally relevant books relate to the students’ lives in a way that allows them
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Unformatted text preview: to empathize with the characters or situations described. This brings comfort to the reader and sparks an even greater interest. In addition to the cultural heritage of the characters, it is also inspiring to read about others who are close in age to you, a town similar to yours, or interests you may have. Cultural reading can be a great style for students of any culture because in addition to relating yourself to some books, you can learn even more about other cultures or the interactions between them....
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