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BMGT 326 EXAM 3 - accounts or similar adjustments are...

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BMGT 326 EXAM 3 Chapter 10 Example Questions 1.The OE/S process handles the processing and shipment of a customer order while another process actually bills the customer. With such a configuration, you would not expect the OE/S system to interface directly with the human resource process 2.According to the logical flow diagrams of the OE/S system, which of the following data stores provides data to the system but is not updated by it? Customer master data 3.Which of the following documents represents a contract between two parities? Bill of lading – contract between shipper and carrier 4.Which of the following data is least likely to be stored in customer master data? Open invoices – would be in accounts receivable Chapter 11 Example Questions 1.The AR master file address is a postal address, maintained by the firm’s bank, which is used solely for the purpose of collecting checks. False - lockbox 2.The accounts receivable master dated is created as sales returns, bad debt write-offs, estimated doubtful
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Unformatted text preview: accounts, or similar adjustments are processed. False – adjustments file 3.According to the concept of segregation of duties, which of the following managers should report to the controller rather than to the treasurer. Accounts receivable manager 4.Which of the following normally would trigger the billing process in B/AR/CR process? Shipping notice Chapter 12 1.the typical purchasing process would capture and record data related to the day-to-day operations of all of the following except shipping Shipping relates to order entry sales 2.which of the following is most likely to report to the controller? Accounts payable department manager 3.the typical information flows in a purchasing process might include all of the following except A copy of a receiving report is sent to the cashier 4.which of the following process bubbles would you not expect to see in the purchasing process – level 0 diagram? Make payment...
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BMGT 326 EXAM 3 - accounts or similar adjustments are...

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