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BMGT 326 Chapter 13 1.In an AP/CD process “establish payable” would normally be triggered by: vendor invoice 2.In an AP/CD process, a process “make payment” normally would be triggered by the data flow payment due date information 3.Who usually authorizes a payment? Treasurer 4.non-invoiced payments include? Payroll, income taxes, investments Chapter 14 1.The process of preparing paychecks for hourly employees is triggered by which of the following data flows? Validated attendance time cards 2.In a payroll system logical DFD, all of the following processes likely would provide updates to the
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Unformatted text preview: general ledger except for reconcile hours worked 3.Which of the following recognized the importance of personnel in achieving organizational objectives, but viewed personnel as something that could be controlled? Human resource management 4.Which of the following is false regarding the payroll process? Because payroll is a key competency, it typically does not make sense to outsource this process....
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