BMGT 326 EXAM #3

BMGT 326 EXAM #3 - B MGT 326 EXAM#3 Chapter 10 b ar code...

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BMGT 326 EXAM #3 Chapter 10 bar code readers Devices that use light reflection to read differences in bar code patterns to identify a labeled item. bill of lading A contract between the shipper and the carrier in which the carrier agrees to transport the goods to the shipper’s customer. customer acknowledgement Sent to the customer to provide notification of an order’s acceptance and expected shipment date. customer credit check A control process performed to ensure that an organization does not extend more credit to a customer than is prudent. Usually performed before accepting a customer’s order. customer master data Contains a record of every customer with whom a company is authorized to regularly do business. Customer relationship management (CRM) systems - share the same underlying database as OE/S, focus on replacing mass marketing to concentrate on the individual customer, designed to manage all the data related to customers, such as marketing, field service, and contact management data
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BMGT 326 EXAM #3 - B MGT 326 EXAM#3 Chapter 10 b ar code...

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