Discussion Starter_ - Discussion Starter#2-Due in lecture Tuesday 10/19 Keeping track of the terminology related to classical and operant

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Discussion Starter #2--Due in lecture, Tuesday, 10/19 Keeping track of the terminology related to classical and operant conditioning takes some practice, which is exactly what this Discussion Starter is designed to give you! Use your textbook reading from Chapter 6 and your lecture notes to respond to this assignment. Careful completion of this assignment will be an excellent way to begin studying for your midterm exam. Remember that responses need to be a) typed, b) double-spaced, and c) include both your name and student ID #. BE SURE TO RESPOND TO ALL PARTS OF THE DISCUSSION STARTER. Partial or incomplete responses will receive NO credit. 1. Homer Simpson loves donuts. Every time Homer encounters a donut, he automatically begins to drool. Lisa Simpson loves playing her saxophone, and she loves to conduct Psychology experiments. So Lisa decides to classically condition Homer. She begins to follow him around, so that each time he is about to encounter a donut she can begin to play her saxophone. After several days of following him
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