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Discussion+Starter+_3 - raised by this article Is memory a...

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Discussion Starter #3--Due in lecture, Thursday, 10/21 The purpose of this Discussion Starter is to get your opinion on a controversial current topic in Psychology. Responses should be in “essay” format (in quotes, because remember the Discussion Starters are intended to be NO LONGER than 1 page, typed and double-spaced)— please use complete sentences/paragraphs and remember to include your name and student ID #. Carefully read the “New Frontiers” box on pages 306-307 in your textbook (“Using Medication to Erase Memories”). I would like to know your opinions on the issues
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Unformatted text preview: raised by this article. Is memory a process we should be altering for the sake of treating psychological disorders (see pages 641-642 if you want to read more about posttraumatic stress disorder), or is it too fundamental to our ability to develop and survive to be tampered with? Although this Discussion Starter is asking for your opinion, be sure to ground that opinion in material we have covered in class/read in the textbook. How do concepts of learning and memory relate, for example, and how does that relationship inform your opinion on this issue?...
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