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Discussion Starter #4--Due in lecture, Tuesday, 11/2 This is another Discussion Starter designed to get your opinion on a hotly debated issue raised by the field of Psychology. Responses should be in “essay” format (in quotes, because remember the Discussion Starters are intended to be NO LONGER than 1 page, typed and double- spaced)—please use complete sentences/paragraphs and remember to include your name and student ID #. Of all the issues studied by psychologists, those pertaining to child development and particularly the parent-child relationship are amongst the most practical and the
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Unformatted text preview: most frequently debated. This Discussion Starter requires you to answer a seemingly simple question, What makes a good parent? Using the material we discussed in lecture on Thursday (you can look ahead to the slides we did not yet cover), as well as your textbook reading from Chapter 10, consider how developmental psychologists might answer this question. Does the research discussed match your own, commonsense beliefs on this issue? Do you think there is even any singular way to answer this question, or is the answer too dependent on the individual child and family?...
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