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Discussion Starter #5--Due in lecture, Tuesday, 11/9 In submitting an extra credit assignment for a previous PSC 1 class a student shared her personal experience of conformity. She said: “Being in a psychology class makes me think of a lot of personal experiences with the different type of studies, or theories within the subject. Just this past weekend, I caught myself conforming to what the people around me were saying even though I knew the right answer all along. As any typical pledging sorority, there are times when you get “drilled” to see if you know the sorority in and out like you should. Well in a situation where you’re put on the spot and you’re not even given time to think about what to say, you tend to blurt out things you really didn’t mean to say. There are Eight Founding Mothers in the sorority that I am joining. For some reason, when we, my Pledge Sisters and I, were put on the spot and they asked us that question, some said seven. In the back of my mind I knew it was eight; I wanted to say eight.
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