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Discussion Starter #6--Due in lecture, Thursday, 11/18 If there were ever a psychological topic we should all be experts on, it would be personality. After all, who can know your own, unique personality better than yourself? This Discussion Starter is designed to give you the opportunity to reflect on how your own perceptions of personality map onto the study of personality as a topic of psychological research. Responses should be in “essay” format (in quotes, because remember the Discussion Starters are intended to be NO LONGER than 1 page, typed and double-spaced)—please use complete sentences/paragraphs and remember to include your name and student ID #. Read carefully the assigned readings on psychoanalytic and trait theories of
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Unformatted text preview: personality. Do these conceptualizations of personality (for example, the idea of the anal retentive personality proposed by psychoanalytic theory, or the Big 5 personality traits) match with your own sense of self? Do any of these descriptions of personality seem complete, or do you feel there is more complexity in human personality than can be encompassed by any single theory? Focusing particularly on trait theories of personality, how do you resolve the issue of behavioral consistency across different situationsdo you feel that there are certain aspects of your personality that remain constant no matter what situation you are in, or do you find yourself behaving very differently across different situations?...
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