Lecture12--Emotion6 - 11/3/10 Lecture outline Theories of...

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11/3/10 1 CHAPTER 11: EMOTION Lecture 12: p. 446-460 Lecture outline Theories of emotion Our daily experience of emotion Theories of Emotion Defining emotion Mental, physical, and behavioral state associated with our evaluation of our experiences Subjective Emotion versus mood versus disposition Emotion=State that lasts a limited amount of time Physical responses to emotion typically last several seconds Mood=State that typically lasts for hours, days, or weeks Often low-intensity And objectless Disposition Many personality characteristics have emotional cores Discrete emotions theory Humans experience a small # of distinct emotions Can be combined in complex ways These emotions have distinct biological roots Emotions are adaptive and serve vital evolutionary functions And thus should be universally experienced
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11/3/10 2 Emotions are adaptive Fear Survival by avoiding danger Interpersonal emotions Humans survive better in social groups Emotions can facilitate social ties Guilt Prevents harming relationships Embarrassment Typically follows violation of social norm Acknowledges social error and promotes forgiveness Emotion expressions are adaptive Indicate your intentions Embarrassment leads to blushing A nonverbal apology Threat displays Avoid injury Friendly expression Encourage approach Smile recognizable at throwing distance Can be conveyed through body language as well Nonverbal leakage But are emotion expressions
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Lecture12--Emotion6 - 11/3/10 Lecture outline Theories of...

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