RDGBalancing Redox Eqns

RDGBalancing Redox Eqns - is equal in two half-rxns 4 Add...

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Balancing Redox Eqns Rules : For acidic & basic solns 1. Write separate eqns for oxidation & reduction half-rxns. Only write down atoms involved in half-rxn. 2. For each half rxn, - Balance all elements except H & O - Balance O w/ H 2 O - Balance H w/ H + - Balance charge w/ e - 3. If necessary, multiply one or both balanced half-rxns by an integer so that the # e - xfer’d
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Unformatted text preview: is equal in two half-rxns. 4. Add half-rxns & cancel identical species. 5. If acidic soln, go to #8. If basic soln, go to #6. 6. Add same # − OH ions as H + ions to both sides of eqn. 7. Form H 2 O on side w/ both – OH & H + , eliminate H 2 O’s that appear on both sides. 8. Check that elements & charge balance....
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