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Reading: Recording Data Revised 9/27/04 1 RECORDING DATA The data recorded in a chemistry laboratory can be categorized as either qualitative or quantitative. The significant detail required in recording of both types of data is outlined in the following pages. Qualitative Data Qualitative data deals with chemical or physical qualities . These qualities typically take the form of visual observations. An experimenter must always note the appearance of the chemical substances with which s/he is working. The following observations should always be taken: the color and color depth (hue) of all substances, the clarity or opaqueness of a liquid, and the level of crystallinity of a solid reagent or product (ranging from large shiny crystals to dull powders). Also, visual evidence of the occurrence of a reaction, such as precipitation and gas formation, needs to be recorded. The rate of gas formation should be indicated as slow, moderate, or vigorous. Note physical sensations of hot or cold. For example, the warming of a flask during a reaction. This list is by no means complete: a good experimenter must be observant! Quantitative Data: Measurements Quantitative data deals with chemical or physical quantities or measurements. Measurements consist of two parts: numbers and units. Units indicate the type of measurement being taken (e.g. the presence of °C indicates the measurement of a temperature using Celsius degree units). All measurements must include units and all measuring devices should be identified with manufacturer names and serial numbers ( e.g. Mettler Balance #20). Numbers indicate the amount of a particular unit present. The amount of figures recorded in a number (the significant figures) are dictated by an inherent uncertainty in measurements.
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RDGdatarecord - Reading Recording Data Revised RECORDING...

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