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130%20lect%208%20%20d2l%20fall%202010 - Images from lecture...

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1 Exploring Art and Visual Culture Dr. Lynn Beudert Professor of Art School of Art ART 134 [email protected] Cildo Meireles (Brazilian artist). Insertions into Ideological Circuits: Coca-Cola Project, 1970. Images from lecture 7: September 15 Art Criticism: Interpreting Art (ideas are taken from the work of art critic, Terry Barrett) artworks call for interpretations interpretations are persuasive arguments some interpretations (persuasive arguments) are better than others good interpretations tell us about the artwork feelings are important in interpretation t here are different, competing, and contradictory interpretations of the same artwork we interpret the artwork not the artist no single interpretation is exhaustive of the meaning of the artwork some artworks may be more personally signiFcant for one viewer than another good interpretations invite us to see for ourselves and to continue interpreting on our own Our task is to describe and interpret art based on well-supported judgments. Our personal taste is important, but we must also incorporate the willingness to consider art from a range of aesthetic styles and intentions. There is no absolute correct way to critique art, BUT some descriptions and interpretations are better than others. Robert Hughes (a former art critic for Time Magazine) wrote: Art criticism “is about getting people to look and to think, and to do it on their own Our roles as viewers or audience members Reading for Today September 20 pp. 92-98 TEST ONE - Wednesday September 29 (in lecture) STUDY GUIDE - is available on D2L The test will cover the readings for the lectures - the lectures take themes from the text, but we do not cover everything in the readings - you are still responsible for the readings. A n n o u n cements Visual Culture from the past week September 18: 40 years since Jimi Hendrix died
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2 Monterrey, Mexico: Photographer (and taxi-driver) Oscar Fernando Gómez Rodríguez's best shot For me, the important thing [ as a photographer] is not technique or composition. It's about trying to show that the people who live the most humble lives are often the most worthy of respect. Visual Culture from the
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130%20lect%208%20%20d2l%20fall%202010 - Images from lecture...

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