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Case_1-3 - 3 Through Social networking service(SNS Oxfam...

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Case 1-3 Advantages 1. Using video, audio is more appeal about that the poverty and injustice around the world than text can do. In case of text, subscribers must invest a lot of times because it can make understood the meaning of the inside at after finishing reading. But in case of contents such as video, audio can recognize at a moment when they see it. 2. Because donors can see that how the money is used more easily, using contents gives belief and heighten authoritativeness about group.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Through Social networking service(SNS), Oxfam get viral marketing effect.-> Already Oxfam is known more through using flicker, YouTube, facebook, tweeter Disadvantages There are a lot of places that using rate of the Internet is not high than South Koera. The mail owners in this area can have unpleasant feeling because of huge capacity of video and audio files in mail. When Oxfam sent out mail again, they even do not click a mail just seeing title....
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