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Consumer Price Index - APU0000708111 Eggs Large Per Dozen...

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Possible APU #'s APU000072621 500 kwh Electricity APU000072601 Utility Gas, 40 Therms APU000072611 Utility GAs, 100 Therms APU000072511 Fuel Oil, Per Gallon APU00007471A Gasoline, All Types APU000074714 Gasoline, Unleaded Regular APU0000702111 Bread, White APU0000703111 Ground Beef, All Types, Per Pound APU0000706111 Whole Chicken, Per Pound
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Unformatted text preview: APU0000708111 Eggs, Large, Per Dozen APU0000709111 Milk, All Types, Per Gallon APU0000711111 Red Delicious Apples APU0000711311 Navel Oranges APU0000711211 Bananas APU0000712311 Tomatoes APU0000713111 Orange Juice, Frozen APU0000717311 Coffee, Ground Roast, All Sizes APU0000712211 Iceberg Lettuce...
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