EML2322L-Fasteners & Threading HW

EML2322L-Fasteners & Threading HW - EML2322L MAE...

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EML2322L -- MAE Design and Manufacturing Laboratory ASSIGNED QUESTIONS: FASTENERS & THREADING References: Fasteners and Threading Course Notes, Tap Drill Chart.pdf Description: This assignment highlights fastener concepts you need to know for working in industry. If you have difficulty completing these problems, please spend extra time reviewing the material before you complete the detail drawings for the course project. Refer to the lecture notes on and to complete this assignment. If extra room is needed to answer any of the questions, use the back of the page. This assignment is due next week in lab. Only neatly written work answered on these printed assignment pages and stapled together will be graded. Remember to denote your proper lab period. Name: ____________________________________ Lab Period (i.e. W2-3):____________ 1. What is the difference between a bolt and a screw? 2. List twelve types of bolts/machine screws. 3. On the following illustration of a fastener, clearly label the head, bearing surface, shank, thread crest, thread root, thread point, pitch, grip length, thread length & overall length.
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4. Regardless of country of origin, what are the two varieties of fastener threads available? 5.
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EML2322L-Fasteners & Threading HW - EML2322L MAE...

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