Syllabus09 - ECN 712: Microeconomic Analysis I FALL 2009 E...

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Unformatted text preview: ECN 712: Microeconomic Analysis I FALL 2009 E Schlee Office : BAC 553; ph: 965-5745; email: [email protected] Hours : Mainly by appt; walk-in times are Mondays 3-3 50 and just after class. TA : Ran Shao, [email protected] We’ll begin a study of the core of microeconomic theory, including firm and consumer theory and their interaction in markets. The prerequisites are a thor- ough understanding of intermediate microeconomics and elementary calculus, a knowledge of linear algebra, and the ability and willingness to reason abstractly. Required Text : Microeconomic Theory , by A. Mas-Colell, M. Whinston and J. Green (henceforth MWG). Useful References . (A (*) means that the book is available at the Bookstore). General Economic Theory : G. Jehle and P. Reny, Advanced Microeco- nomic Theory* 2e (2001)–henceforth JR; D. Kreps, A Course in Microeconomic Theory (1990). Mathematics : R. Sundaram, A First Course in Optimization (1996); A. Takayama, Analytical Methods in Economics (1994). Game Theory : R. Gibbons, Game Theory for Applied Economists (1992); M. Osborne and A. Rubinstein, A Course in Game Theory (1994). Special Topics : J. Tirole, The Theory of Industrial Organization (1988); J. Hirshleifer and J. Riley, The Analytics of Uncertainty and Information (1992); C. Gollier, The Economics of Uncertainty (2001). Elementary microeconomics : Introduction to Economic Analysis by R. Preston McAfee.; available free at essential classics : P. Samuelson, Foundations of Economic Analysis (rev. 1984); G. Debreu, Theory of Value (1959). Grading : I will base your course grade on two equally weighted exams, the first covering Part I of the outline and the second Part II. I will also assign weekly problem sets, to be graded coarsely on a X + , X , X- basis. I will only use these scores to determine your course grade in borderline cases. You may discuss the problem sets with others, but do so sparingly: If you rely too much on hints from your colleagues, then all you’ll learn is how to solve the particular problems on that assignment, not how to think like an economist. I cannot overemphasize the importance of carefully working through and thinking about the problem sets on your own . The second exam is scheduled for the final exam period, Tuesday, Dec 15, 12:10 - 2:00 PM....
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Syllabus09 - ECN 712: Microeconomic Analysis I FALL 2009 E...

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