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1. Ensure three AA batteries are inserted in the transmitter and the display unit. 2. Push the Link Button on the reverse of the display unit. The transmission signal symbol will flash for one minute. 3. While the transmission signal in the display flashes, push the learn button in the transmitter and wait until the transmission signal symbol becomes solid. NOTE: The default value for the transmission frequency is ten seconds. This means the transmitter is sending information every ten seconds. You can change the frequency from 10s (red light flashing) to 15s (orange light) and to 20s (green light) pushing and holding the transmitter button. a) Fuse box The fuse box is normally hidden behind a cover, close to the main door of your home. Open the cover box using a screwdriver if necesary. The feed cable is normally black, grey or brown and it is next to the neutral cable coloured blue. 3 Your MTP 3000 Pack includes: 2x XL Sensor 1x Transmitter 1x Display Unit INTRODUCTION 1 SAFETY 2 IN THE BOX 3 FIND THE FEED CABLE 4 INSTALLATION 6 LINKING TRANSMITTER AND THE DISPLAY 7 SETTING TIME AND DATE 8 SET-UP INSTRUCTIONS 9 DUAL TARIFF MODE 11 DISPLAY INFORMATION 13 INSTANT MODE 14 HISTORY MODE 15 FAQs 16 SPECIFICATIONS 17 How to contact us: If you have any questions about using your MTP 3000, or if you'd like further advice about energy saving at home or at work, please feel free to contact us: [email protected] MTP Instruments Inc will answer any installation or set-up questions and offer quick energy saving tips. Lines are open between 8.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday. You can also email us: [email protected] Further information is also available at www.mtpinc.com FIND THE FEED CABLE Display Unit XL Sensor IN THE BOX CONTENTS 5 7 9 11 13 1 You will need to fit the sensor to the live feed cable which connects the meter to the fuse box (consumer unit). Any power you use in your home will pass through this cable. The clip-on sensor acts as a current sensor, and relays the amount of current being drawn in the home to the transmitter. From there it is sent wirelessly to the monitor display unit, which shows how much power is being consumed. The MTP 3000 monitor is installed by clipping the sensor around the feed cable of your home. The feed cable is the cable that carries the electricity to your home and can be found near your electricity meter or inside your fuse box. Three phase electricity meter: If you have a three phase supply, then you may require additional sensors. These can be simply plugged into the additional sockets at the base of the transmitter. Please contact MTP Instruments Inc for additional sensors. SAFETY IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT YOU CONTACT A QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN TO CARRY OUT THE INSTALLATION. CONTACT A QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN IF YOU HAVE ANY CONCERNS ABOUT CLIPPING THE SENSOR ONTO THE CORRECT CABLE.
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