L4 - Week 4(September 13 Experiment 1[Separation of BC...

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Week 4 (September 13) Experiment 1 [Separation of BC Powder]: Post Lab Report due Experiment 2 [An Unexpected Reaction]: Complete fractional distillation empty fractionation column is best (earlier we tried just one strand of steel turnings) Prepare sample for IR and take IR Post lab report due week 5 (next week) Start Experiment 3 [Acetylation of Ferrocene]: Prelab report due Perform reaction Friedel-Crafts Acylation Column Chromatography [Next week] Syllabus Who has not been able to find a syllabus? Where have you looked? TIS IUB Folletts Information on the Printer is: Daren Prather XanEdu Publishing, Inc. 217-377-2288 [email protected] www.xanedu.com Advice from the TAs - 1 Proper attire wear long pants Waste disposal Make sure you use the proper disposal vessel and close all vessels at the end of lab Techniques Dry solvents well with MgSO 4 and filter carefully before evaporating solvents With extracts in large volumes, use enough MgSO 4 With pure liquids, use a minimum amount of MgSO 4 to minimize product loss Don’t dip pH paper in your liquids; put a drop of liquid on the paper avoids colored products! Preparing TLC plates: make small pencil spots and small compound spots
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Pre-Lab Lectures by TAs in the Lab Come on time to hear the Pre-Lab Lectures Common Equipment Thermometers, columns, etc. Do not store these in your drawer; return them to the dispensing point If you don’t return them, the sections later in the week do not have the equipment they need Multitask In some labs you can do this: e.g., distillation but not fractional distillation Consult TAs about how best to use your time this week Postlab Questions Designed to make you think about what you have done secure the learning process Turn in with your postlab report Final postlab question In this experiment, you were given a detailed step-by-step procedure, sometimes called a ―cookbook recipe‖. In very simple sentences, how would you describe in the most elemental terms what you did to separate and recover (isolate) the three components in BC powder? No need to give any details, volumes, pH values, etc. Just focus on concepts and principles. (This is a good exercise to do with all of the procedures in the seven experiments in this course. It helps you keep in mind what you are trying to accomplish in each step of the procedure without being blinded by the details.) Your Goal What is(are) the product(s) of this reaction? X
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L4 - Week 4(September 13 Experiment 1[Separation of BC...

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