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Weeks 5-8 (Revised Schedule) Week # Experiment 3 NMR Labs Experiments 4/5 #5 Sept 20 Reflux (if you have not already done it) NMR Prelab A due NMR Lab A - - - #6 Sept 27 Run Column Chromatography NMR Prelab B NMR Lab B due - - - #7 Oct 4 Lab report 3 due Continued NMR Lab Work Start Exper 4 #8 Oct 11 Done NMR Labs A and B report due Continue Exper 4 Start Exper 5 Changes: Experiment 3 - Column Chromatography delayed 1 week - so everyone can do it at the same time NMR Labs – Do over three lab periods – report due 4 th week Syllabus Who has not been able to find a syllabus? Printer claims there were 7 copies still left at TIS that had been placed there 9/7 I had 12 copies printed in Chemistry Some of these printed copies are/were available from TAs in the lab Hopefully, this case is closed! Advice from the TAs and Randy- 1 Waste disposal Please be diligent about using the proper disposal vessel The staff cannot be responsible for sorting inappropriately disposed material! Heating plate – when still hot… Melts water hoses and power cords! When you leave Turn off your thermometers Tock your drawers Pre-Labs look up mechanisms in lab text or your organic lecture textbook Many submitted incorrect mechanisms All Lab Reports use only structures drawn by ChemDraw or other computer graphics programs Page 1
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