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Weeks 5-8 (Revised Schedule) Week # Experiment 3 NMR Labs Experiments 4/5 #5 Sept 20 Reflux (if you have not already done it) NMR Prelab A due NMR Lab A - - - #6 Sept 27 Run Column Chromatography NMR Prelab B Work on NMR Lab B - - - #7 Oct 4 Lab report 3 due Continued NMR Lab Work Start Exper 4 #8 Oct 11 Done NMR Labs A and B report due Continue Exper 4 Start Exper 5 Electromagnetic Spectrum and Molecular Spectroscopy Nuclear Magnetic Spectroscopy is one of the most important techniques for ___________________________ characterizing molecules Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy m Different nuclei can have different spin numbers: 12 C, 16 O; I = 0 1 H, 19 F, 13 C, 31 P; I = ½ for I = ½, spin states are a (+½) and b (-½) m = magnetic moment In the presence of a magnetic field, B 0 , the energies of the spin states are different (NMR not possible) (NMR possible) Spin - quantized angular momentum Spinning charge creates a magnetic field Not aligned Aligned Page 1
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