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Weeks 5-8 (Revised Schedule) Week # Experiment 3 NMR Labs Experiments 4/5/6 #7 Oct 4 Finish Lab 3 Continued Work on Start Exper 4 Prelab 4 due #8 Oct 11 Lab report 3 due NMR Labs A and B report due Finish Exper 4 TAKE IR! #9 Oct 18 Exam 1 Oct 19, 7-8 pm 116RAL -Labs AB2, 3, 5 [pm labs] 151 Loomis Labs AB1, 4 [am labs] Start Exper 5 Prelab Exp 5 due #10 Oct 25 ------ ------ Finish Exper 5 Start Exper 6 Prelab Exp 6 due Post-Lab Exp 4 due* #11 Nov 1 ------ ------ Post-Lab Exp 5 due Continue Exper 6 *Postlab report 4 due date is delayed by 1 week due to exam Exam Review Session Sunday, October 17 7 pm 112 Chem Annex Hope it was helpful Advice from the TAs NMR Sample Preparation Most samples were fine gave good spectra Some samples did not have any solvent Make certain that you have solvent in the syringe needle needs to extend into the bottle to below the liquid level! The 50 m L of solvent should nearly fill the filter. Close the sample vial tightly Keep the sample vials upright as you remove them from the centrifuge we will try to improve vial retrieval from the centrifuge; I have some new ideas . . . . Suggestion to remove the filter insert the tip of a wooden pencil it grabs the filter and it can be removed easily. Easier than the extraction tool Be careful to place the vials in the proper position in the sample block - hood number is to the upper left of the hole. Sample vials will be cleaned and reused, with a new insert to the cap. Page 1
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