L10 - Weeks 9-11 (Schedule) Week # Experiments 4/5/6 #9 Oct...

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Unformatted text preview: Weeks 9-11 (Schedule) Week # Experiments 4/5/6 #9 Oct 18 Exam 1 Oct 19, 7-8 pm 116 RAL - Labs AB2, 3, 5 [pm labs] 151 Loomis – Labs AB1, 4 [am labs] Start Exper 5 Prelab Exp 5 due #10 Oct 25 Post-Lab Exp 4 due* Finish Exper 5 Start Exper 6 Prelab Exp 6 due #11 Nov 1 Post-Lab Exp 5 due Continue Exper 6 *Postlab report 4 due date is delayed by 1 week due to exam Results from Exam 1 Detailed Answer Key on Course Website Average: 104 [69%] Range: 48 - 145 Standard Deviation: 20 Problem 1 1. (30 points) Separations and product isolations. Classification: ______ ______ _____ [9] (a) Classify these three compounds as neutral, basic, weak acid, or strong acid. [21] (b) Assume you have a separatory funnel, 1 M NaOH, saturated NaHCO 3 , 3 M HCl, water and ethyl acetate and lots of flasks. Prepare a flow chart il ustrating the most efficient extraction scheme to separate these two compounds ( TMP , IBA , and Naph ) by acid/base extraction, obtaining them as anhydrous solutions in ethyl acetate. [Ful credit will be given for the most efficient schemes that are complete.] Page 1 Problem 2 2. (30 points) Purification Methods [15] (a) State the general principle of chromatography, and then compare TLC, column chromatography, and gas-liquid partition chromatography. A good answer wil only be 3-4 sentences long. [Excessive verbiage wil not be to your advantage.] [10] (b) Sketch out a TLC place, to indicate the relative positions of the three compounds below when they are chromatographed in a suitable solvent, such as 10% ethyl acetate in hexane. hexane....
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L10 - Weeks 9-11 (Schedule) Week # Experiments 4/5/6 #9 Oct...

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