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Weeks 11-15 (Schedule) Week # Experiments 5/6/7 #11 Nov 1 Post-Lab Exp 5 due Continue Exper 6 NO LAB LECTURE NEXT WEEK #12 Nov 8 Continue Exper 6 NO LAB LECTURE THIS WEEK #13 Nov 15 Start Exper 7 Prelab Exper 7 due Post-Lab Exp 6 due Nov 22 Fall Break #14 Nov 29 Finish Exper 7 Check Out #15 Dec 6 Exam 2, Tuesday, Dec 7 , 7 pm, 116 RAL, 151 LMS Postlab Report Exp 7 All sections due Thursday Experiment 7: Synthesis Design - Chalcone Derivatives O R R'' R' ???? starting reagents Your challenge is to design a synthesis of the derivative you are assigned. Final Project Three Stages Plan the synthesis - Retrosynthesis Procedure - Write a detailed procedure for the synthesis. How will you tell the reaction is complete? How will you purify the product? Have alternative methods in mind. Characterization How will you tell you have made the product? Describe indicative peaks you will see in the NMR and IR spectra. Consider likely impurities (such as the starting materials) and how you will differentiate the product from the starting materials. Page 1
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