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christian iconography memo - Andrew Platt Memo on Christian...

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Andrew Platt Memo on Christian iconography 1. Define “iconography.” Take Figure 9.2. Based on what you read on the surrounding pages and what you heard in class, take the various elements and explain them. Do you see any similarities between this and Egyptian sarcophagi? By that I mean the underlying philosophy, not the actual detail. Iconography The study, identification and interpretation of subject matter in art; also the visual imagery that conveys specific concepts and ideas. 9.2 The structure architecturally is relatively (in its entirety) simple. I believe this relates to Buddhism because it deals much with negating desire and this is similar to the ancient Egyptians since then also had no concept of asceticism. Body sacred. 2. Explain how the word for “fish” became part of Christian thought. Followers of Jesus adopted the sign of the fish because the Greek word for fish (ichthys) is an acrostic combination of the first letters of the Greek words “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior.” 3. You will notice in early images of Christ that he does not have a beard (the Bible does not record him as having one, as an aside). Why do you think artists started portraying him with one? There is no right or wrong answer, provided you can support it with facts. I believe artists portrayed Jesus with a beard because of his wisdom. He was a
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christian iconography memo - Andrew Platt Memo on Christian...

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