Sociology - Sociology Truth is conditional 30 of Americans...

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Sociology 1/29/08 Truth is conditional 30% of Americans believe they have been abducted The difference between ideology is subject and substance Tectonic plates cause earth quakes is ideology No one has ever seen tectonic plates Theory seekers Theory: explanation, an answer to how or why question Why take classes? Why bad teachers? All theories are incomplete Data R Sociology’s difficulties o The problem of obviousness. Pulling back the curtain of society Microsociology o Socialization Identity, self, personality Social interaction make socialization possible Objections of the self- see yourself as others see you Enculturation- learn to be a competent, functioning member of society o Rules of interaction Norms- informal rule that we internalize and apply to behavior Fundamental to having self Construction o the competent self Power of socialization o Heredity vs. environment Nature vs. nurture Strong drives? Food Bathroom Sex or reproduction o Meaning and limits Biological basis of meaning?
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Biology sets limits & direction. The problem is the variation in culture Society determines beauty ugliness 2/5/08 Power of Socialization o Nature vs. Nurture Babies o Not socially human
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Sociology - Sociology Truth is conditional 30 of Americans...

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