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Annotated bibliography-works cited

Annotated bibliography-works cited - contents of each work...

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Annotated bibliography paper (ARW) The annotated bibligraphy is the first step of assignment four, the opnion paper with reseach. The opinion paper with reseach requires you to do research on a narrowly focused food-relatedtopic of your choice on any medical, scientific, ethical or social issue suggested by the readings. The review will cover at least five articles which you will locate through the ACP library databases. Your sources must be either from books or from credible journals. Web sites may be used for background material only, and will not count as any of your five sources. You can use two sources from the bibliography from The Omnivore’s Dilemma. The annotated bibliography will describe and give publication information for the sources you will be using in your literature review. Each bibliographical entry will provide the citation for that source using the Vancouver style and a brief summary of the
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Unformatted text preview: contents of each work. The entries should be presented in alphabetical order according to the author’s last name. Each entry should be one paragraph in length; however, the length of each entry will vary according to the source you are summarizing. A descriptive annotation describes the content of the work without judging it • Summarize in your OWN words what work you are using (work cited) • 5 sources at least • 1.5 annotations per page • Double spaced • No websites • Mla style-summarize below • 2 or more chapters from anyone book counts as 1 entry, not 2 or more. • When looking for sources….start with omnivour’s dilemma • You can use 2 fast food reading stories • Omnivours deliemma-pg 417-435—15 pages of sources-you can only use 2 of these sources • O. d. can also be cited as itself • Use zinckenco as one • Find other 3 on my own at the library…lol yeah right •...
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Annotated bibliography-works cited - contents of each work...

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