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epic of gilgamesh - assurance that once dead he might...

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Similarities Dissimilarities SSSS=Job and Gilgamesh tested by superhuman forces, both come to realize that misfortune and suffering are typical of the human condition DDD=Gilgamesh incurs wrath of Gods; however Job does nothing and the events question why bad things happen to good people SSS=Failures: Job solicits God s promise of ʼ heavenly reward, fails to secure
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Unformatted text preview: assurance that once dead, he might return to life. Gilgamesh fails to secure personal immortality DDDDD=Gilgamesh loses friend and actively goes out on a quest, Job is tested in a bet between Yahweh and Satan SSS=Realization: Gilgamesh is told that “there is no permanence” by Utnapishtim, and Job realizes people eventually die forever...
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