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Andrew Platt 1. What is your topic? What aspect of your topic are you focusing on? Topic-obesity Focus-Targeted advertising towards children 2. How did you choose your topic? What do you already know about your topic? I had a decent amount of work already done from my previous paper as well as having a strong opinion on it. Already know-happy meals, impressionability of young kids, deviancy of advertising. 3. Why do you feel that this is an important literature review to write? 4. Who do you think your audience will be for your literature review? What will they want to know about the research done on your topic? The audience that in intend to reach for this paper will be parents who have young children as well as the government (FDA) and fast food businesses. The paper will not do much good for the young children since they can’t comprehend my paper well since in order to do that on this topic, one must have a good
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Unformatted text preview: understanding of how the world is currently in and have developed opinions in order to understand where I am coming from. The parents of young children have this, they have been alive long enough to understand the current issues that there regarding this topic. 5. Where do you plan to locate sources for your literature review? Have you already located any? Articles, e-journals online from databases such as: Green file, Academic Onefile, etc. Yep ”Advertising to Children” From the Ecologist 6. How do you think you will plan to structure your literature review? I plan to start out fair and then come to a consensus (Upside down equilateral triangle). Parts of my paper will include children targeted advertising from a business point of view and children targeted advertising from a consumer aspect....
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