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Library_Research_Exercise_ARW 09 - Library Research...

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Library Research Worksheet Name: 1. Write down your idea for your literature review. Write down as much about your topic as you know. 2. Think about your subject and brainstorm a list of key words or ideas. (for example, if you’re researching a drug, what conditions/diseases does the drug treat?) Are there other words that have the same or similar meanings? Write down the most important words that describe the subject you will be researching. 3. Use the keywords from question 2 to search the library databases to see if you can locate sources on your subject
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Try as many different ways as you can to find sources about your topic through one of the library databases. Look at the articles that your searches are retrieving; are there other word you can use-words used in those articles-that might help you in your search? List them below. Record Citation Record the information for one of the articles you have found. Author (if one listed)
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Library_Research_Exercise_ARW 09 - Library Research...

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