5 questions on lawsuit arcticle

5 questions on lawsuit arcticle - companies this immunity...

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1. The main purpose of each article is to present to others that there are ways to prevent obesity. Banzhar suggests that this can be achieved by enforcing legal action on food companies or suggesting the companies change the way they advertise and label their products. 2. The author is trying to convey that the most effective way to deal with obesity is to legally battle companies with lawsuits. 3. Food companies should not be granted immunity in respect to the obesity problem in America. Legal actions are the most potent method in not granting food
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Unformatted text preview: companies this immunity and therefore decreasing obesity in America. 4. If the fast-food industry conveyed to new legislation by providing healthier alternatives and being more open with their nutritional information that those companies would be much less susceptible to liability. 5. Lawsuits have prompted many food companies to take steps to reduce obesity, and lawsuits worked with fighting smoking so it has a good chance of helping battle obesity are evidence that were presented....
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