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1st Option-Illiterate Girl: Writing is a form of communication just as speaking is. Writing however uses letters that are taken from an alphabet that in turn form words that have distinct meanings. In writing people forms words and use them to create sentences that communicate what you want to say to whomever it may be. Grammar is also incroporated Writing to me is a way to completely get across what I want to. I feel like I can describe my thoughts and feelings better through words than I do verbally for example. When I talk I don’t always remember every little detail I want to convey but when writing I have time to gather all of my thoughts and edit them in order to create exactly what I want to say. Personally writing has greatly affected my life. Whether it is a text message, a Facebook
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Unformatted text preview: message, e-mail, letter, etc., without it I could not function on a day to day basis. Every day I text or e-mail my mother telling her how college is going and she messages me back usually with some positive feedback to help me think more positively rather than negatively. I text or Facebook my girlfriend every day to try my best to stay connected with someone who is personally so close to me yet literally so far away. Without being able to do these writing forms of communication I would become very depressed because it would really lessen the amount I would have to communicate overall with these people who mean a lot to me....
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