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Doc1 - sample testZ When the reaction A —> B C is...

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Unformatted text preview: sample testZ When the reaction A —> B + C is studied, a plot MIA} vs. time gives a straight line with a positive slope. What is the order ofthe reaction? A. zero 3. first C. second 3. third .3. More intonnation is needed to determine the order. The decomposition of dinitrogen pentaoxide has an activation energy of 102 karnoi and Mum = + 55 kJr'rno]. What is the activation energy for the reverse reaction? A. 2? kamol B . 4? klfrnol C. 55 kamol D. [00. kJEmoI E. More information is needed, since this is a Hess' Law calculation. C onsider the reaction 2NH3i3) —) Naigi + 3H3(g) Ifthe rate ammo is 0.030 mol L" s", then AINHJFAI is A. 0045 mol L" s" B. 0030 mol L" s" c. 0.000 mol L" s" 13.41010 mol L" s" E. None of these choices is correct. ...
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