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I n t r o d u c t i o n t o C u s t o m e r S e r v i c e | 1 Introduction to Customer Service Devry University, BUSN258 Erika Igarta Professor Blanson 11.4.2010
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2 | Y o u D e c i d e In the scenario, it seems the company has already been not doing so well when it came to the products being misleading and as well as being defective. First and foremost to repair the problem, to find out exactly what products are being sold to the customers. As a general manager, we should be able to find out what we would need to do as a policy and procedure of what we would do for certain types of problems and how to satisfy our customers whether they will receive the product or might have to delay due to the situation. Also, the blame shifting should end and not have to pin point the problem based on the teams role. It is EVERYONES responsibility for satisfying one customer. In this scenario, The CFO has the best role to satisfy this one customer and I would basically resolve this situation by first apologizing to the customer by letting them know what has happened, but not tell a story of
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This note was uploaded on 11/19/2010 for the course YOU DECIDE BIS258 taught by Professor Blanson during the Spring '10 term at DeVry Fremont.

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You Decide - Introduction to Customer Service|1...

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