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Biol 2010 / Biol 2030 Frequently Asked Questions revised 8-7-10 Page 1 of 3 This document contains answers to questions frequently asked in regard to introductory biology, in particular the first semester lecture and lab courses. If answers to your questions are not in this document, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] . Questions specifically dealing with the second semester of introductory biology lecture and/or lab (Biol 2020/2040) should be directed to professor Kopeny at [email protected] . Welcome to Biology at UVA! David Kittlesen, Ph.D. Biol 2010 What is covered in Biol 2010, and is it the right course for me? Biol 2010 is our introductory cell biology and genetics lecture course intended for prospective biology majors, minors, and pre-health (med, vet, dental) students. If you major or minor in biology you must take this course unless you have received Biology AP/IB credit for this course (as shown on your UVA transcript). Pre-health students generally need two biology lecture and two biology lab courses. Biol 2010 typically serves as one of the two lecture courses (Biol 2020 as the other). If you have AP credit for Biol 2010 and Biol 2020, medical schools generally expect you to take two higher level biology courses as they want to see college-level graded courses on your transcript (and AP credit doesn’t include a grade on your UVA transcript). For more information with regard to the requirements of a particular professional school or program, students should contact the pre-health advisor ( http://www.career.virginia.edu/students/preprof/ ) and/or those particular schools or programs. How do I get into Biol 2010 if SIS indicates that it’s full? If the course is full, you will need to use the waitlist system. Please note that the waitlist system cannot enroll you if doing so would result in a conflict with another course or put you over your credit limit. It is your responsibility to indicate an appropriate swap course, if necessary. You shouldn’t have trouble getting into this course via the waitlist (I’ve never turned a student away from Bio 2010). What is the Friday afternoon session, and is it required? In addition to the three 50-minute lectures each week, there is a two-hour Friday afternoon session that, during most weeks, is an optional review session. However, this is also the time slot for the exams which means that students registering for Biol 2010 are making a commitment to take the three or four semester exams, as scheduled, during those Friday afternoon sessions. In other words,
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2010-Bio2010_2030-FA - B io l 2 0 1 0 B io l 2 0 3 0 F r e q u e n t l y A s k e d Q u e s t io n s r e v is e d 8 7 1 0 This document contains

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