Analyzing and engineering cells

Analyzing and engineering cells - 1). Viruses = bad news...

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1). Viruses = bad news wrapped in protein. Variety in shape. All have a genome, which contains the bad news and protein code (capside). And some have lipid bilayers. Short-lived virus infection, rapid onset. Resolution = death of host or elimination of virus. Sometimes viruses cause chronic infections. Normally our immune system eliminates the virus. When the virus can persist within the host, you need to get around immune defenses. Mechanisms by which the virus can evade an effective immune response. HCV: virus that causes chronic persistent infections. Spread through blood-borne route. 2). Virus first attaches to susceptible cell type. Usually specific. Proteins will interact with other proteins on surface of cells. Most viruses only infect certain types of cells / organisms. Genome gets into the cell via endocytosis or fusion event at the membrane. Then genome replicates. Viral genes are transcribed. They make viral proteins. Produce new viral particles (amplification). Lots of ways for the viruses to get out. Maybe this virus is making one or more proteins that inhibit the immune response. Viruses have species specificities challenge because you can’t use mice since HCV doesn’t cause disease in them. Start with something that Infects mice but isn’t pathogenic and try to make it pathogenic by adding HCV. Kind of like griffith (virulent vs non-virulent). Start nonvirulent, make it virulent.
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Analyzing and engineering cells - 1). Viruses = bad news...

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