review+questions - At the end of page 86 of text book says...

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At the end of page 86 of text book says "predict whethere aminoacids and nucleotides can cross thelipid bilayer membrane" but I couldnt figure it out. So, amino acids are small, but some are charged/polar/non-polar – and so how they cross would be determined by their side-chain (R). Nucleotides are charged (they are negative) molecules because of the phosphate groups in the phosphate group. ----------------- I have a question about one of the blue understanding sections on page 96 of the paperback text. I think my answer is too simplistic. 1. The channel would have a hydrophilic center surrounded by a hydrophobic layer that interacts with the lipid bilayer (that the channel crosses from outside the cell to inside). good 2. Are we drawing the signaling molecule or do we just keep the ion as is for the time being? The signaling molecule should control the open vs. closed conformation of the channel. You could draw it. 3. The positive electrical charge on the outside of the cell will drive the calcium ion through the channel. Good, but also the negative charge inside, and the concentration gradient from high to low. You need to have a non-zero potential (difference between outside and inside cell) in both voltage and concentration. Do all ion channels use passive transport only while carrier proteins and pumps only use active transport? Channels and carriers employ passive transport. Pumps are the only active ones. --------------------------
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review+questions - At the end of page 86 of text book says...

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