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NOMENCLATURE OF ALKANES: 1. Locate the longest continuous straight chain of C atoms in the molecule. The name of the straight chain alkane with the same number of C atoms becomes the last part of the name of the compound. 2. Find and name all of the alkyl groups that are branches off the backbone of the molecule. Assign each one a position on the chain, numbering the chain so that the substituents have the lowest possible numbers. 3. If there are several substituents of the same kind, indicate how many by using the prefix di-, tri-, tetra-, etc., and use a number to assign a position
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Unformatted text preview: on the chain to each one. 4. Construct the name of the compound by listing all the substituents in alphabetical order, ignoring the prefixes di-, tri-, etc., and italicize prefixes such as n-, sec-, and tert-. 5. Use commas to separate numbers that are grouped together. Separate numbers from names of groups by hyphens. Merge the name of the last substituent with the name of the straight chain alkane that is the basis of the name of the compound...
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