Chapter29 - F. Toward Revolution in China a. Puyi...

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F. Toward Revolution in China a. Puyi abdication symbolic end to century of peasant uprisings and foreign control b. Who would rule next? i. Coalition of students, middle class, secret societies, military split apart ii. Military commanders have best chance a. Made alliances and ruled regions for decades i. Yuan Shikai – primary example iii. Merchants/bankers in Shanghai/Canton had power iv. University students/intellectuals – great ideas, no power v. Secret societies want return to Chinese monarchy vi. Foreign powers want to take advantage of situation – Japan for example G. China's May Fourth Movement and the Rise of the Marxist Alternative a. How successful was China at a republic? i. Sun Yat-sen – father of China – tries parliament with cabinests, but… a. Outside cities, no one really in favor ii. Warlord Yuan Shikai has more power a. Kills opposition, but… b. Eventually, Japanese and rival warlords topple him i. Yuan doesn’t deal with WWI Japanese threat ii. 1916 gives up presidency > power vacuum iii. Post WWI a. Japan takes N. China, Chinese angered b. May 4 th Movement – students + intellectuals go for democracy i. Favored Westernization over Confucianism/Chinese tradition ii. Rights to women, easier Chinese script, individualism c. Hey…do you notice a class of culture yet again? i. Liberal changes vs. conservative backlash
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Chapter29 - F. Toward Revolution in China a. Puyi...

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