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Unit 3 Study Guide 1. When the new government was launched in 1789, 2. Regarding central authority, early Americans saw it as all of the following except 3. The new Constitution did not provide for the creation of a(n) 4. Match the individual with his office in the new government. ___ A. Thomas Jefferson 1. attorney general ___ B. Alexander Hamilton 2. secretary of state ___ C. Henry Knox 3. secretary of war 4. secretary of treasury 5. One of the major criticisms of the Constitution as drafted in Philadelphia was that it 6. The Bill of Rights was intended to protect __________ against the potential tyranny of __________. 7. One of the first jobs facing the new government formed under the Constitution was to 8. All of the following are guarantees provided by the Bill of Rights except 9. The __________ Amendment might rightly be called the "states' rights" amendment. 10. Alexander Hamilton's financial program for the economic development of the United States favored 11. Hamilton believed that, together, his funding and assumption programs would 12. As Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton's first objective was to 13. All of the following were part of Alexander Hamilton's economic program except 14. Alexander Hamilton's financial plan for strengthening the economy and bolstering national credit proposed all of the following except 15. Alexander Hamilton believed that a limited national debt 16. The aspect of Hamilton's financial program that received the least support in Congress was 17. Hamilton expected that the revenue to pay the interest on the national debt would come from 18. Alexander Hamilton's proposed bank of the United States was 19. Which of the following pairs of items are not directly related to each other?
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20. Hamilton's major programs seriously infringed on 21. The Whiskey Rebellion of 1794 arose in southwestern Pennsylvania when the federal government 22. Alexander Hamilton's Bank of the United States was modeled on the 23. The Founding Fathers had not envisioned the existence of permanent political parties because they 24. Match each political leader with his positions on public policy in the 1790s. ___ A. Hamilton 1. privileges for the upper classes ___ B. Jefferson 2. pro-British 3. sympathy for the common people 4. potent central government 5. pay off the national debt 6. government support for business 7. pro-French 8. universal education 25. Opposition by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison to the financial plan of Alexander Hamilton resulted in 26. The event of the 1790s that has left the deepest scar on American political and social life is 27. The political party of the "outs" that provided the "loyal opposition" to the party in power in the 1790s was 28. The Franco-American alliance of 1778 29. When the French Revolution developed into a war with Britain, George Washington and the American government 30. Washington's Neutrality Proclamation of 1793 31. Arrange the following events in chronological order: (A) XYZ affair, (B)
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unit3sg - Unit 3 Study Guide 1 2 3 4 When the new...

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